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travel to Washington DC

Traveling with 125 students and chaperones is a major undertaking.  Our luggage room!

DC 2019 Nicole Dumas JF with survivor.jpeg

Holocaust survivor Irene Fogel Weiss, with Seevak Chair in History, Judi Freeman.   Ms. Weiss spoke to our group at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.


The atrium of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Afro Am History Museum.jpeg
NMAAHC interior of galleries.jpeg
NMAAH-reflection room.jpeg

Views of the Smithsonian National African-American History and Culture Museum

The annual Facing History multiday trip to Washington DC is tailored to support the focus in the course.  Our key stops involve extended visits to three sites: the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History, and the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian.   Typically we hear from witnesses and survivors, human rights activists, journalists, and staff at non-governmental organizations as well.   And in some years, we visit the US Capitol and the White House. 

All Facing History students who wish to participate travel to Washington.   The trip is integrated fully into the course.   In addition to an immersive experience at each of the aforementioned sites, students in various years visit the numerous memorials throughout the city: the Lincoln Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the National World War II Memorial.   

As part of the trip, students also divide into smaller groups and visit media-related sites as well as the offices of NGOs engaged in social justice and human rights work throughout the Washington area.   

The Washington DC trip typically takes place in February or March of the academic year.   

DC 2019 Nicole Dumas at NPR.jpeg

Meeting with longtime NPR Defense department correspondent Tom Bowman and touring National Public Radio's offices.

DC 2019 at CNN Nicole Dumas.jpeg
DC 2019 Nicole Dumas at CNN outdoors.jpeg

Meeting with longtime CNN anchor John King '81 at CNN News Bureau in Washington, DC

DC 2019 Nicole Dumas at breakout.jpeg

At NBC's Washington studios, students sat in on a recording of Meet the Press and spoke with anchor Chuck Todd as well as longtime NBC anchor Andrea Mitchell.

DC 2019 Nicole Dumas--at Emily's List.jpeg

Emily's List hosted students interested in learning more about how the organization supports female candidates for public office.

DC 2019 Nicole Dumas 3.jpeg

Moving 125 students + chaperones in the massive DC Metro stations

Vietnam Veterans Museum.jpeg

The Vietnam Veterans' Memorial

WW2 Memorial.jpeg

The National World War II Memorial

Korean War Memorial.jpeg

The Korean War Memorial

FDR Memorial.jpeg

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

NMAI .webp

A gallery at the Smitnsonian National Museum of the American Indian

DC 2019 Nicole Dumas 2.jpeg

Gathering in the morning at our hotel

DC 2019 group photo Nicole Dumas.jpeg

A group portrait, taken every year on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Student David Hospedales '16 at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

DC 2019 Maggie + Chuck taken by Nicole Dumas.jpeg

Longtime faculty emeritus chaperones Chuck Aversa and Maggie Greaves

DC 2019 luggage Nicole Dumas.jpeg
David Hospedales at MLK Memorial by Benard Lin.jpg
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