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After completing his studies at the University of Illinois, Mr. Seevak went to Harvard Law. After law school, he served as an officer in the Coast Guard during the Korean War. For a time he served on a small cutter but for the most part was involved as either the prosecutor or defense counsel for Court Marshal proceedings. During that period he participated in every Court Martial in the 1st Coast Guard District, which included all of New England.

After having completed his military service, Mr. Seevak became a trial attorney for the Internal Revenue Service. While there, he was involved in a number of tax case trials focusing on notorious mobsters of the New York/New Jersey underworld. Ultimately he moved to Goldman Sachs, an international investment and banking and securities firm in New York. There he established and oversaw the firm's real estate department, which advises corporations and real estate developers on real estate strategies, represents them in the sales and financing of major real estate projects, and manages real estate funds for investors. Goldman Sachs is recognized as the premiere real estate firm within the investment banking field.

In 1955 while in the Coast Guard, Mr. Seevak married his wife, Elinor, a graduate of Simmons College. They have lived in and around New York City for most of their lives together, first in Brooklyn, then in New Jersey, and now in Manhattan. They have two daughters, one a writer in California, the other a teacher at Tufts College, and one son, a doctor in California.

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