from the "Class Oration" 1935 by John F.X.Gaquin in the 1926 Register

"Ominous black clouds, clouds of war, hover over our desolate world. Europe is preparing for another war! Japan has challenged the United States and Great Britain for mastery of the seas and she has already signified her intentions to disregard her treaty with the United States; Germany has been a source of trouble for Europe ever since the radical Hitler aspired to the dictatorship; the Saar has voted to annex Germany itself, and France has evidenced discontent; Russia is fortifying the Siberian wastes in an effort to stave off an attack by Japan. Every nation is displaying its strength. Every nation is hurling some sort of defiant gesture! There is a striking similarity between the spirit of 1914 and the spirit of 1935. The eruption of Vesuvious seems to be imminent, and who will venture to say that its laws will not spread to our own land? Fellow Classmates, in the Revolutionary War Latin School did its share; in the Civil War our alma mater played an outstanding part; in the World War again, the Latin School rushed to the aid of its nation. Shall we break precedent? Shall we cower? No! Never! In the event of war, we will perservere as we have been taught to persevere in peace. We will lend our every effort to the preservation of democracy."