from "Interview with Allan R. Rosenberg," President of the Senior Class in the 1926 Register

". . . The youthful Cerberus barred the way. 'The Password!' he barked. 'Password!' I ecoed, 'password! why, what need is there of a password?' 'Sh,' whispered the boy, 'the password is "Chupultepec Liliuokalani." You can't get in unless you can say it.' 'Why is that?' I asked. 'I dunno!' said the youth. 'Myself, I think he's crazy,' and he jerked his thumb backward again. 'You know,' he whispered confidentially, 'he thinks hes Chief Devil of Lost Souls down in Hades. Yessir. Just that. And he wears red ties, red handkerchiefs, uses red pencils . . . likes red heads, red coats, red-blooded men, is well-read, uses redundancy and what not! And you know,' the youth whispered in my ear, 'I think he wears red flannel underwear!'"