from "How to Score an 'A' in Mr. X's Class" by Maura McDonald, Class of 2000 in the Spring 1999 Register

"Scrambling down the hallowed halls of Boston Latin School, loose papers flying, fluttering into the air before quickly being snatched down again, the notorious Mr. X hurries, breathless and hassled. He thrusts by students and teachers alike, amidst both friendly and restrained cries of 'Good morning, Mr. X!' nodding to acknowledge various greetings. The hallway is never-ending, a multitude of huge backpacks pushing and shoving and flapping up and down, only to be tossed suddenly on the floor, with a thud, barely audible over the gigantic, simultaneous slap of locker doors against the neatly divided havens of pictures and mirrors in the wall. Mr. X scurries along, his head proudly in the air, his eyes focused on his destination: the big, roomy chair, seated directly behind his big, roomy desk, in one of the big, roomy classrooms at the end of the squished, narrow hallway. Having completed his journey, he is now perched on the edge of his seat, his papers spread out magnificently before him, the energy and intensity that he displayed in the hallway trying desperately to catch up . . . "