"The Review of the 1919 Football Season," by Parker F. Pond, Manager in the 1920 Register

"When September, 1919, cam upon us, we thought not only of the morn but also of school, and with school- football. Doubtless every one of the inexperienced fellows that came out last fall were asking their parents at the time if they might go out for football. Enthusiasm ran high, and ineligibility was a thing of the future. Coach O'Brien selected the Strandway Playground for practice this year, and I feel sure that every veteran was pleased at this because Columbus Ave. grounds, where our team practised last year, was covered with cinders which came from the neighboring railroad yards. After a shower and rub-down even, the fellows feel cinders on their bodies, much the way the soldiers did in the trenches . . . The prospects of the season looked unusually bright, since sixteen letter men returned . . . "