from "Lite Bright: Turn on the Magic of Colored Lights" by Mari Guarino, Class of 1995 in the February 1994 Argo

"The educational system has been and continues to be tailored to the white male. We are taught western history. We read western books. We memorize western ideas. In itself, there is no fundamental wrong in this. It may have been acceptable when the school was basically all white and all male. But it is by no means acceptable in 1994 when women and minorities account for over one half of the student body . . . Whether or not this is the intent, by not observing the fabulous literature written by minority and female authors, the status quo suggests that there is none. But, the fact is that there is more to black culture and history than basketball heroes and slavery, there is more to Latin America than smiling Juan Valdez and his donkey, and there is more to Asia than good video games and horribly dubbed karate movies. Indeed, the fact remains that there is more. And as an institution of learning, we do a wrong to the whole school: black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, and others, as well as to the concept of education itself, by teaching a fraction of what exists."