from the 1994 Graduation Issue Argo

From Senior Reflections by John Reyes, Class of 1994: "During the first few months, it also became apparent that Boston Latin School was not going to be an everyday walk in the neighborhood. Each of us, from different walks of life, was going to have to deal with a very diverse group of people. The cultural diversity in our school has hopefully taught all of us to appreciate and learn from other people's culture. Most of us had perhaps never before seen so many students who looked and talked differently than we did. And due to this unfortunate fact, we came into this school carrying the age-old prejudices and stereotypes that hurt people and build indestructable barriers, preventing communication and understanding. Later on, we discovered that these same prejudices did not hold for everyone we met . . . Yet there is one stereotype that can be assigned to each and every one of us . . . we all want respect, happiness, and success. Despite all the ills that rise from diversity, like racism, something great was learned: be open to the truth- a truth that is not seen through single-mindedness."