While vacationing with his parents in the Florida Keys, Jordan Thomas was involved in a devastating scuba diving accident after he was swept by the waves into the propeller of a boat and lost both of his legs from the knee down. While in the hospital he met other young children who had lost their limbs and was surprised to learn how many of them could not get the prosthetics that they needed because their families could not afford them. Insurers would not cover the cost of the prosthetics either. Jordan was moved by this, and while recovering in his bed, he thought of the idea of finding a way to help these children. Within a month of his accident, the Jordan Thomas Foundation was founded.


Young children outgrow their prosthesis on average every 18 months so Jordan Thomas’s plan was to raise money to help families who could not afford them to pay for the prosthetics that their children needed. By selling Jordan Thomas Foundation bracelets and holding charity events, they began raise the money. Prior to the accident, Jordan was a passionate golfer and a member of the golf team at his school. With his prosthetic legs, he has been able to resume this sport and raise money for the Foundation by sponsoring charity golf tournaments where Jordan Thomas himself plays.

Jordan Thomas continued to live his life while working on the Foundation. He graduated in 2007 from McCallie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, although he had prosthetics he remained athletic, being a member of golf and bowling teams. After graduating from high school, he went on to attend Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida . Jordan, even years after his accident continues to help children going through the struggles he did, because he is passionate to help families, and to make a difference in their lives.

© 2012 Adrian Haber, Edgar Bolivar, Shane Quinn