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1. March 5, 2012: Read the L.A. Times article about Rev. Tim Peters and his work:

Rev. Tim Peters discussing

In a Los Angeles Times article, reporter John M. Glionna discusses Tim Peters and the humanitarian work that he does in North Korea. Read it here.

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2. February 25, 2012: Angry South Koreans protest at Seoul against China's harsh treatment and deportation of North Korean defectors.

In Seoul, South Korea, angry protesters gathered near the Chinese Embassy to protest China's harsh treatment of North Korean refugees. The refugees have been arrested, tortured, and are even being deported. Many of those who are deported back to North Korea are executed. Read the L.A. Times article about this protest here.

Pastor Suh Kyung-suk Protesting at Seoul

South Korean pastor Suh Kyung-suk shouts at the Chinese Embassy, advocating for the North Korean refugees that have been recently arrested by Chinese officials.

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3. February 22, 2012: Tim Peters comments on Kim Jong Un’s ascension to power after Kim Jong Il’s death.

Read Tim Peters's opinions about Kim Jong Un in this article by Reshma Patil of the Hindustan Times.

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4. January 25, 2012: Helping Hands Korea urges the United Kingdom Parliament to enact policies to protect North Korean refugees in China.

Cry Freedom! In the video embedded below, Helping Hands Korea urges the United Kingdom Parliament to enact politices to protect the North Korean refugees in China, who are currently facing religious persecution, arrest, torture, and deportation.

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5. January 23, 2012: Watch Tim Peters in this eye-opening PBS feature on North Korean refugees.

Tim Peters:What’s wrong with this picture? 50 miles north of here is possibly the worst human rights situation, including Christian persecution, in the entire world, and here we are in South Korea living a lifestyle that’s probably on par with the United States and Europe, and even the South Korean churches were sending armies of missionaries all over the world and yet, there seemed to be nobody in China to kind of catch, to play catcher to all these refugees that were coming across.

This quote from Rev. Tim Peters is featured in the eye-opening PBS feature on North Korea refugees. Check it out below!

Watch North Korea Refugees on PBS. See more from Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.

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