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Mission Statement

Helping Hands Korea is an organization committed to actively responding to the plight of oppressed North Koreans by alleviating physical, social, political and spiritual needs through partnership with like-minded individuals, in response to Jesus Christ’s call to love, serve, relieve suffering and set the exploited free.

About Helping Hands Korea

Founded by Reverend Tim A. Peters in 1990, Helping Hands has worked with other organizations and people around the world who also believe famine relief is necessary in North Korea. In 1998, the organization began assisting North Korean refugees in China. HHK has endeavoured to send food and basic necessities to North Korea, including orphaned children and the elderly. HHK has also provided shelter, food, and hygiene assistance to North Korean refugees in China. With the belief that spiritual hope is equally significant to physical well-being, each refugee is also handed a Bible and is introduced to Christianity. The organization is aware of the fact that there are cases when a refugee is subject to life-threatening consequences when they are discovered in China and repatriated to North Korea. In these cases, HHK has provided support to the refugees along their“underground railroad” to guide them to safe places in other countries bordering China.

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