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This website was created in participation of the Seevak Website Competition, an annual competition at Boston Latin School (Boston, MA), in which teams of three students create websites revolving around a central theme. The Seevak Website competition recognizes "individuals and groups who have made a difference." To learn more, click here.

This year (2012), the theme for the Seevak Website Competition revolved around:

a person or group in the twentieth century that that has taken a courageous stand and, as a result, made an important difference to society, either on a local, national, or international scale, in the specific areas defined below. The topic encourages the investigation of an individual or group that contributed in some special way to building or improving tolerance, human rights, justice for individuals and the citizenry and/or democratic institutions. The person selected could be someone well known or could be someone local, perhaps less well known, but who has contributed something meaningful and important to the betterment of society.

About the Creators

"We chose to create a website on Rev. Timothy A. Peters because he has done extensive work to help improve the human rights of North Koreans. Rev. Timothy A. Peters inspired us with his compassion, bravery, and motivation in helping North Korean refugees gain the rights that they always deserved." -Henry, Michelle, Reika

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