Rev. Tim Peters speaks through a egaphone at a protest in Seoul
Tim A. Peters speaks through a megaphone in Seoul, South Korea during a 2007 protest in front of the foreign ministry. Learn more about what Tim A. Peters is speaking about here.
Rev. Tim Peters stands next to a North Korean family of refugees
Tim A. Peters poses with a grateful North Korean family whom he has helped find refuge in Thailand. Learn about other North Korean refugees that Tim Peters has helped here.
Rev. Tim Peters leads a demonstration in Toronto, Canada
Tim A. Peters protests the cruel treatment of North Korean refugees in China with Helping Hands Korea members in Toronto, Canada. Learn more about Helping Hands Korea and its mission here.
Rev. Tim Peters speaks at the Catacombs, weekly meetings he holds
03/05/12: Tim A. Peters speaks at the Catacombs, the weekly meetings he holds with others who share his interest in helping North Koreans. See more recent news here.
Reverend Tim A. Peters

Who Is He?

Reverend Timothy A. Peters is a humanitarian Christian missionary living in Seoul, South Korea who leads the organization “Helping Hands Korea.” His ambition, and also that of his organization, is to lead the revolution for improved human rights in North Korea. In doing so, he has directed Helping Hands Korea in helping many people escape from the oppressive North Korean government and its regulations. His commitment and dedication resulted in the United States accepting the first North Korean refugees in 2005.

To learn more Reverend Timothy A. Peters and his mission, visit his biography.

Recent News

Helping Hands Korea

Helping Hands Korea Banner

Founded in 1990 by Reverend Timothy A. Peters, this organization originally focused on South Korea, but soon transitioned to famine relief in North Korea and finally the improvement of North Korean human rights.

Mission Statement:

Helping Hands Korea is an organization committed to actively responding to the plight of oppressed North Koreans by alleviating physical, social, political and spiritual needs through partnership with like-minded individuals, in response to Jesus Christ’s call to love, serve, relieve suffering and set the exploited free.

To learn more, click here or visit HHK's website.

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