Connections to Boston

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta Church

As a Catholic Church, The Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta Church teaches the tenants of Jesus Christ. There is a food pantry currently serving 180 to 230 families a month. The families come once a month and get two bags of dry food from the pantry. Twice a month, the church gives away fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen goods, milk,etc. Most of the food comes from the Greater Boston Food Bank.

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta was two parishes that were seperated by the Archdiocese in 2004. The parishes were St. William and St. Margarets. To name the new parish, the church asked parishers to submit names and Blessed Mother Teresa was chosen. This is the only church in the country named Blessed Mother Teresa.

A statue of Jesus was decapitated in January 2012. Rev. Jack Aherncq said he found the head of the statue of Jesus partially off the stand. “The head was to its side in multiple pieces. It’s almost like he whacked the head first, and then pushed it off its base,” Aherncq said. The statue was originally at St. William’s church in Savin Hill, but was moved to Blessed Mother Teresa several years ago.

After communicating with the church, we have learned that there is a nun living in Boston who was trained under Mother Teresa and is currently the leader of a group of Missionaries of Charity living in Dorchester.

Blessed Mother Teresa Church
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Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta Church
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