While many were devastated by the Haiti Earthquake on January 12, 2010, the disaster sparked inspiration in one college student named Jason. After seeing all the heartbreaking photos and articles about the disaster, Jason set out to help, with his first move being to create a YouTube channel. He believed that if a video showing nothing but a baby crying could go viral, so could videos with a purpose. Within the few weeks following the disaster, Jason filmed his first video called, "My Hundred for Haiti." The idea behind this video was to raise a hundred dollars for the victims of the earthquake. With his guitar, Jason stood in one of New York City's subway stations and started singing for donations. Jason himself noted that he did not have the most amazing voice, but he reckoned that the video would come off as both entertaining and purposeful.

Although Jason was not able to raise a hundred dollars through singing, he was surprised to find that people began donating after watching the video. It was then that Jason realized the power of reaching out to others through videos. His first supporter was his brother, Eddie Lee, through whom he then met Eric Lu. United by their dream to make a difference in the world, the three combined their talents in writing, producing, and directing to make videos for a good cause. Thus began The Jubilee Project.