The Jubilee Project, started by three friends named Jason, Eric, and Eddie, is more than just another channel on YouTube—it is a movement whose aim is to raise awareness about different issues around the world through the power of social networking. Motivated by the idea that "doing good is contagious," The Jubilee Project creates videos for a good cause in hopes of inspiring others to contribute as well. In fact, the name "Jubilee" is a reference to Leviticus, in which it is a year of rejoicing the freedom of those that were imprisoned and the return of the lands that were lost. It is the JP Boys' hope that their jubilee can be a representation of the jubilee described in Leviticus as they help the needy and the suffering.

In a span of only two years, the three friends have reached out to thousands of people and have helped several important causes, such as the American Society for Deaf Children, support organizations for the victims of the Haiti Earthquake, and more. From something as simple as opening the door for someone else to picking up litter on the sidewalk, The Jubilee Project believes in recognizing and making known these simple acts of kindness that often go unnoticed to encourage others in joining their movement of goodwill.