College Tour

In 2011, The Jubilee Project took a three-month, nationwide college tour to spread their message of doing good. They shared their videos to a wide number of audiences and told people about their mission. The Jubilee Project used film as a medium to show people that a better world is possible and easier to achieve than one thinks.

The first stop on their tour was Denver. The Jubilee Project was invited to a gala by the Union of North American Vietnamese Students Association, otherwise known as UNAVSA. After sharing three of their videos and sneak previews of two, Jason, Eddie, and Eric were pleased to learn that UNAVSA was also an organization aimed at encouraging today's youth to make a difference and create a stronger community. Though the tour had just begun, The Jubilee Project had already gotten a scoop of how their vision of doing good was coming true.

The concert tour helped The Jubilee Project boys connect with their audiences in a more engaging way. Rather than be restricted behind a computer screen, they were able to meet with their viewers face-to-face. The Jubilee Project wanted to build a strong bond with their audience members and to genuinely come together to create social changes in their own communities. They wanted to show their audience members that they, too, were ordinary people and that ordinary people could do extraordinary things. Those people could then inspire other ordinary people to do even more extraordinary things, beginning this cycle of "doing good." Basically, the purpose of the college tours was to show the power of today's youth and how it can make a difference. In the months following, The Jubilee Project went on several other tours and attended a few benefit concerts, hoping to share their story and achieve their mission.

School-Based Jubilee Projects

In May of 2011, after watching the short film "Love Language", students from Arnold O. Beckman High School were inspired to create their own Jubilee Project. They took the initiative to contact The Jubilee Project and set up plans, creating the first Jubilee Project Club. This in turn inspired students from other high schools, such as those from Boston Latin School. Like the JP Boys, these in-school Jubilee Projects create videos that highlight the good efforts of people in their communities. The spread of these in-school Jubilee Projects proved that "doing good [really] is contagious."