Jason Lee:

Jason Lee grew up in Kansas with his brother, Eddie Lee, and can speak fluent Korean. He can also speak conversational Chinese, having taken four years in that language and having stayed in China for some time, as well as a little Spanish. Jason enjoys watching dramas about the human spirit, and among his favorite shows are Parenthood and Friday Night Lights. As for food, he loves Korean and spicy foods. His passion for such foods was well expressed in middle school, as he was teased for carrying around a Tabasco bottle given to him by his brother. Jason attended high school in Kansas and Texas and then went on to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. He currently lives in New York City, working in business. He travels to various offices, working in Excel and doing a lot of analysis. Jason often says that he is "a consultant by day and a dreamer by night." His other interests include China and microfinance.

When it comes to filming, Jason mainly likes to do the writing, but he also enjoys producing and directing. In fact, one of The Jubilee Project's most successful videos, "Love Language," was written and directed by Jason. Coming from a business background, Jason prefers sustainable charities or causes. One example would be a group called Shokay, for which Jason worked after graduating from college. This group creates luxury goods from yak fur and teaches women how to hand-knit clothing, which the women could then sell to people around the world. At the end of the day, however, Jason is willing to help just anyone because he strongly believes that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

Eddie Lee:

Eddie Lee attended high school in Kansas and Texas with his brother, Jason Lee, but went to Harvard University with Eric Lu. Like his brother, he is fluent in Korean, but he also took one year of Chinese, one year of Spanish, and three years of French in high school. Ever since he was little, Eddie has always enjoyed watching movies. His dad used to drop off him and his brother at the movie theaters, where they would spend the day hopping from one movie to another. Even now, Eddie would stop by the movie theaters near his workplace whenever he has the time. In addition to watching movies, Eddie also enjoys playing golf and chess and reading. Coming from two professors, Eddie used to spend more than ten hours everyday reading in the library during the summer.

As of now, Eddie lives in Washington D.C., working in government. He is well acquainted with President Barack Obama, for he edited the videos during the Obama campaign back in the 2008 election as well as managed Obama's YouTube channel. In fact, it is because of this that Eddie knows so much about filming and editing. As for charities, Eddie's favorites are Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) and Teach for America because he has a passion for North Korea, human rights, and education. Overall, though, Eddie does not like to take credit for the things he does because he believes those who put in the effort everyday to make a difference in the world are the true heroes of society.

Eric Lu:

Unlike Jason and Eddie, Eric Lu is originally from Dallas. As an only child, he considers both Eddie and Jason as his brothers. Eric and Eddie were classmates, and it is through Eddie that Eric met Jason at a church retreat. Eric speaks fluent Mandarin and some Taiwanese but only knows two or three words in Korean. He took Latin in high school, but since then he has not met anyone else with whom he can speak Latin. Eric went to Harvard University, which was where he met Eddie, and is currently living in Boston, attending further classes at Harvard Medical School of Fine Arts. There, in addition to his usual studies, Eric learns how to bhangra and sing in a cappella and in gospel choir. Outside of his dorm, there is a Chinese food truck where he likes to get sesame chicken, which is his current go-to-food. Eric is also an anime fan, with Naruto being one of his favorites.

As for filming, he enjoys editing the videos and is in charge of the social media outreach, such as managing The Jubilee Project's Twitter, Facebook, blog, and emails. His favorite charity is the Prevention and Access to Care Treatment (PACT), of which he was a part for three years in college. Like the other JP Boys, Eric believe that doing good is contagious, but he also thinks that learning about other people's stories is an important step in finding one's purpose in life.