The Jubilee Project strongly believes in inspiring and empowering others to do good as well. Their notion that "doing good is contagious" can be possible only if you join their mission! You can:

  • Donate: In every one of their videos, The Jubilee Project states the charity or cause for which they are raising money. Help by donating directly to the cause or by donating to The Jubilee Project itself.
  • Become a Sponsor: When making videos that help fundraise for social-impact organizations, The Jubilee Project allows its viewers to pledge a certain amount per every view that the video receives. Pledges can be as little as one penny per view, and a cap can always be set on the amount that the sponsor would be willing to donate.
  • Subscribe/Like/Follow: The Jubilee Project is on YouTube, Facebook, and even Twitter! Show your support by subscribing to their channel, liking their page, and/or following their tweets.
  • Spread the Word: Learn and share! The Jubilee Project creates videos not only to raise awareness about different causes but also to encourage others to spread the word and take action.
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