We contacted The Jubilee Project boys via email, and they were kind enough to take some time out of their day to answer our questions! They gave us the scoop on their process for coming up with videos and choosing organizations and even told us how their lives have changed as a result of this journey.

Who are your inspirations (pertaining to film or in general)?

We have countless inspirations in our lives including past APA leaders and generations of people who sacrificed so much for us to succeed. Our parents are incredible inspirations for us because of their sacrifice and support.

How often do you guys meet up to come up with ideas for videos?

We find our inspiration in our daily lives. Also, we're inspired by various organizations and causes.

What is the best part about filming?

Storytelling. We love to be able to communicate a powerful story and inspire people to action. We believe that videos are a powerful medium to do a lot of good.

How do your parents feel about your cause? What were their first reactions?

Initially, they were a little bit skeptical, but they have since become some of our biggest supporters. They constantly encourage us with our videos and try to help out as best as they can.

Do you guys plan what to film or do the ideas come spontaneously?

There is a lot of planning and thought that goes into each of our videos whether it's a PSA or short film. Usually, we've been working on an idea for several months before we actually begin filming.

How do you guys decide on which organizations to help?

We decide based on issues that we feel strongly about or organizations that are doing really compelling work. We enjoy working with really enthusiastic organizations that are really trying to make a difference.

What do you consider your biggest achievement so far?

We've been blessed with several great achievements, everything from being given awards to being guest speakers at events. It's hard to pinpoint one thing, but what encourages us the most is when we hear wonderful stories from various Jubileevers who have been impacted by our work.

What is the most stressful thing about filming?

There's often a lot of moving pieces with filming which can be difficult to coordinate, but we enjoy the challenge of taking on bigger and more complicated projects.

If you were not doing this, what do you think you would be doing instead?

We love what we're doing with The Jubilee Project right now so it's hard to imagine anything better.

What was your initial goal for doing this, and do you think you have achieved it yet? Have there been any changes to your goal?

Honestly, when we first began The Jubilee Project we didn't have too many goals in mind. Now, we measure our success by the amount that we can empower, enable, and inspire others to do good as well.

What effects do you think this project has had on others?

We hope that we've been a positive role model for young people and encouraged them to do good in their lives even if this means a small act of kindness.

Have you met any inspiring people along the way?

We've met so many inspiring people but our favorite people to meet are Jubilee Project supporters.

How has this experience changed your lives?

We've learned so much from The Jubilee Project and interacting with various supporters and organizations over the past couple of years. We've learned that ordinary people can do extraordinary things and that you can never underestimate the power of good.