Photo Gallery


GLSEN is mainly focused on the effects of homophobia in schools, trying to create environments where no one has to be afraid of pronouncing their sexuality.  Even in our own school, there is a lot of anti-gay graffiti that we could somehow integrate into out website.



One of the ThinkB4YouSpeak posters challenging a stereotype of a gamer boy.
The Day of Silence sticker.
Another ThinkB4YouSpeak poster that gives the dictionary definition of the word "dyke" and tries to encourage the disuse of derogatory gay slang.
This poster gives the dictionary definition of "faggot". Actually in the U.K. a 'fag' is a cigarette. It is quite strange that a commonly used word can be used in such a bad way.
The poster of No-Name-Calling-Week, which is usually in January.
Picture of Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN.
Picture of Danielle Murray, a teacher at Brighton High School who did the GLSEN Massachusetts interview with us.
"Charles is gay." Who is this Charles? And is this supposed to be an insult or a fact?
Humongous arrow stating, "Gay".
Graffiti on a ThinkB4YouSpeak poster.
The full image of the vandalized poster.
How can a section of a city be gay?
Now that is just stupid.
Actually this one kind of makes sense. Nukes can be set afire. So can a bundle of sticks.
I do not live in Southie, but that is still offensive.
Where is your apostrophe?
Simple and awfully precise to the point. Hopefully the tile is really happy.