WIPSEN History

The Women's Peace and Security Network-Africa

Gbowee founded the Women in Peacebuilding Network (WIPNET) in 2001 in Liberia. Eventually, WIPNET led to the formation of WIPSEN.

Officially founded on May 8th, 2006, WIPSEN-Africa was established for action-oriented research, policy influencing, documentation, informationsharing, and strategic dialogue, networking and partnership building.

Its vision is to have a violence free, non-discriminatory continent that fosters peaceful coexistence, equality, collective ownership and the full participation of particularly women indecision making on peace and human security. WIPSEN was founded together by Gbowee, Thelma Ariemebi Ekiyor, and Ecoma Bassey Alaga. All have degrees and have an extensive background on dispute resolution.

There is a five-member board of directors, who make rules and policies for the organization. There are currently 14 official staff members, with Gbowee being the Executive Director. There are also numerous interns from all over the world who work there. Supported by many donors and partners, its affiliates are from many different places, including Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Cote d’Ivorie, and Sierra Leone. It is also supported by many donors from across the world. WIPSEN-Africa’s mission is to institutionalize and mainstream women, peace and security by enhancing women's leadership capacities and promoting constructive, innovative and collaborative approaches to non-violent transformation of conflicts, peace building and human security in Africa, and it hopes to enable, enhance, and sustain African women's right to participation and leadership in fostering human security, sustainable peace, and development.

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