About Us

We, Terry, Jennie, and Sophia, are all students who see the importance in informing others about the people accomplishing great beneficial change in the world. Our website is about Rachel Carson because she was not only a catalyst of the environmental movement but a role model for women to achieve change. Also, in today’s world of ever present environmental issues and the new initiative to “go green” and “recycle”, our group thought it would be interesting to create a website on someone so closely related to, even arguably the beginner of, the new environmental movement. We did much research on her life, her studies, and her books- every aspect of Rachel Carson. We not only scoured the web, but also dug into many books, and everything we could about her. If she were alive we probably would've even tried to meet her! We learned a lot about her, and enjoyed the process a lot.

The research was interesting, but the design aspect was also extremely fun. We were always revising and changing the site design for a better outcome. We tried to make the site beautiful, modern, and clear with a lot of Photoshop (Thanks, Adobe :-)). From deciding colors and fonts, to building the heading, the entire process was long but pleasant. We hope our viewers like the style.

The process of making the site was a long yet fascinating one opening our eyes up to the abilities of a computer and us to create an amazing site. We felt accomplished making a website like the ones we see on the Internet but never thought we could construct. Using code applications, our group turned the research into a colorful website with a game, slideshow, timeline, and other great helpful information. The code is hard to remember but one slowly gets the hang of it. It seems as though coding would be unbelievably difficult seeing the fancy websites all over the Web, but it was simpler than one might think especially with a little guidance from an expert. This website about Rachel Carson is one our group hopes that all viewers will enjoy!