Kathryn Hall
(Founder and President)

Hall began working in The Gambia in her sophomore year of college. There, she discovered that unreliable electricity could have devastating effects on patients. After spending her summer in Gambian hospitals, she founded Power Up Gambia to help the Sulayman Junkung General Hospital by installing solar panels.

Lynn McConville
(Executive Director)

McConville worked with the Peace Corps in Senegal in the 1980’s. While working in the Peace Corps, she developed an interest in environmental issues in developing countries. She is a field biologist and has a passion for energy systems.

Sesh Sundararaman
(Director of Monitoring and Evaluation)

Sundararaman is a second year MD/PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania. A great portion of his attention is drawn towards tropical infectious diseases. He joined Power Up Gambia in 2008 and has been working with the Somita clinic since.

Michael Reiche
(Student Chapters Director)

Reiche is a 2010 candidate for a BA in Biochemistry and an MS in Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. He strongly believes in proper healthcare for all people. He is inspired by Power Up Gambia and its cause because he is certain that such an organization will bring positive effects to the future of health.

Paul Blore
(Communications Director)

While staying in The Gambia for four months, Blore volunteered with a variety of projects. He returned to Philadelphia but continued to help The Gambia by becoming an intern for Power Up Gambia.

Andy Fisher
(Technology Specialist)

After six years of working in the hospitals of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Fisher accumulated more than enough knowledge to help steer his Gambian team in the right direction. Because of his background in bioengineering, he helps Power Up Gambia with the design of solar energy and water projects.