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    These men are hard at work installing the six solar panels needed to power the water pump.

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    These solar panels are up and ready to provide reliable energy for the hospitals of The Gambia.

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    A newly installed water pump and pressure gauge

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    This generator is used to power a hospital with sixteen buildings and fourteen residential wards!

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    This scaled model of a hospital with working lights was built by Sanford third graders.

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    The top floor, illuminated by the new energy efficient bulbs, is strikingly different from the bottom floor, where the bulbs have yet to be replaced.

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    Sulayman Junkung General Hospital, the first of Power Up Gambia's projects

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    The entrance of this hospital begins to crowd as patients wait to see a doctor.

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    Patient in the eye clinic

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    Kathryn Hall showing pictures from her first trip to some of the children in Bwiam, a small town located in south-western Gambia

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    Kathryn Hall holding Baby Sarita

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    Kathryn Hall, Jess, and the children of Bwiam