The Strategic Plan

The Children's Rights Organization has developed a five-year strategic plan to help increase the awareness of child abuse and neglect. Their reason for wantng to do this is because they feel that in many states across America, the Child Welfare System has become unstable and that they wish to reform it.

They separated it into three specific goals:

  • Reach More Children: Getting more campaignes, a stronger support system and increase the knowledge in people about child neglect.
  • Improve Our Effectiveness: Guiding development and implementation on failed Child Welfare Systems and making them better.
  • Build a Stronger Organization: Increase Children's Rights' influence on people nationwide, work with Board of Directors and volunteers, and on funding base so that Children's Rights can continue to change other's lives.

By doing this on a long-term basis they strive to ensure that the Child Welfare System will be effective for neglected and abused children all over the United States.