These are stories of children whose lives have been changed because of the Children’s Rights Organizations; they’ve helped out the lives of many children nationwide.

Deanna and Alyssa

These two are sisters lived in New Jersey and when Deanna turned three years old and Alyssa at six-months old, they were removed from their house by child protective services. In 1998 their neighbors reported that they were treated like animals and were too weak to even stand up. They lived in foster home and because Children’s Rights reformed their New Jersey campaign they were able to successfully win the lawsuit and was later adopted.

She was born in Tennessee and she's been abused since she was born until age three when her parents’ rights were taken away. She lived in a foster home and even though people wanted to adopt her, the state agency were unsure whether it was healthy or safe for her because they wanted to make sure that she'll never have to experience being abused again. In 2000, Children’s Rights helped file a lawsuit against the state to help Danielle and about 9000 other children in Tennessee, which reformed the Child Welfare System and got Danielle adopted.

He has been abused since 3 years old and was eventually taken away from his parents and brother to move to at least ten different foster homes. What this circumstance calls for is that he didn't a consistent educational status. He's been through situations where he had to live with more than 20 children lived together under one roof. Children’s Rights fought to restore the Child Welfare System in 1999 and his current foster mother, Joan, later adopted him. Within the next eight years, the Children's Rights organizations they have increased the number of foster homes and adoptions into the thousands.

Once he was removed from his alcoholic mother, Chris has been consistently transferred between foster homes and connections with the Child Welfare System. The Michigan’s Department of Human Services separated him from his brother and two sisters. Because of this, Children’s Rights filed a federal class action against his issue along with 19,000 other children. At age fourteen, he moved in with his adoptive father but was not legally adopted until the following year.