Founder and executive director of the Children’s Rights Organization.

The Children’s Rights Organization was founded Marcia Robinson Lowry. She was completely outraged with the way the government fails children; she decided to take matters into her own hands and establish the organization.

Marcia R. Lowry was the previous Executive Director of the Children’s Rights organization and has more than 30 years of experience with children’s rights. She strongly believes that children should not have to go through abuse and neglect and strives to make a change in order to them to have a brighter future. There was an incident when she even took in four young, homeless boys, they were starving for food, and she became their guardian. They were later adopted and were in better conditions because of her.

“Ultimately, in any state system, it’s the governor who is responsible for having the state agencies perform properly. And it’s just not a priority, because the voters don’t know about it; and if they knew about it, it wouldn’t be affecting them,” she said. “And these are kids who don’t vote, and often their parents have been unable to care for them and have their own problems. So nobody who elects officials pays attention to these kids. That’s why we have to go to court.” Many kids are suffering in silence, and not many people understand the criticalness with these situations. There are thousands of kids out there who are suffering from psychological problems and substance abuse problems, and among other things they rely on the District to provide them with food, shelter, and day-to-day care.

It’s up to everyone to raise awareness, strive to make a difference and take the first step just like Marcia R. Lowry, in order to ensure a better and safer society for future generations.