Who Are They?

The Children’s Rights organization is a nonprofit organization seeking for the voice and rights of children who are suffering in silence every day. The Children’s Rights organization helps reinforce the legal basis for child welfare all across the United States and increases the awareness of these issues. They believe that if they’re fighting hard enough to raise awareness, they’ll be able to save children from having to suffer any longer. The Children’s Rights organization have won many victories in dozen states and also made national policy reports, which enhanced the civil rights and child welfare issues.

What can they do? How are they going to do it?

Each year, more than 3,000,000 reports of child neglect and abuse are being filed in the United States, the Children’s Rights organization is fighting to raise awareness and ensure that this situation will come to a halt. Founded by Marcia Robinson Lowry, this nonprofit organization has been fighting to reform the failing child welfare system for over a decade. If whenever the child welfare may fail to care and provide protections for these children, they’ll be there to fight back. Step by step, they were able to influence in shaping both the law regarding the treatment of abused and neglected children. The Children’s Rights organization is trying to broaden their influence significantly by encouraging state-by-state to advocate for the shift in child welfare. The reports of children neglect and abuse population should reduce down drastically.

Children’s Rights hold annual benefits to help raise money and give gratitude to those who had helped out in the organization. They had just had their fifth annual benefit on October 30th, 2010, which had been broadcasted on MTV and mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. The most recent Children’s Rights Champion Award was given to Darryl “D.M.C” Matthew McDaniels who founded a hip-hop band and was adopted as a child as well. He can be frequently seen on the front page of the official Children’s Right’s
Website. That night they rose up to $425,000 to support the organization’s mission.

Even though their headquarters are in New York, the organization has made several significant changes nationwide, winning cases in Mississippi, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Georgia. They have even made a “Five-Year Strategic Plan” to further expand the reach of their Child Welfare Reform. They even made a “Five-Year Strategic Plan” to expand the reach of Child Welfare Reform nationwide. The organization also posts some of their successes onto their website showing the details in each case and their winnings. Some were personal cases and some dealt with child welfare issues.

This Children’s Rights organization shows a lot of support for children today and who are mistreated. They branch out to others to help with this dramatic issue that is not only happening across the United States but all over the world. This organization, along with the help of all the hardworking staffs, has made a huge impact for thousands and thousands of abused and neglected children by taking legal actions and fighting hard for their rights.