A dying seal with a head wound. PETA encourages people to help seals through Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Myspace.







An elephant being forced to learn tricks with bull hooks, ropes, and electric shocks. PETA makes an impact on animals used for entertainment by encouraging people to go to animal-free circuses and exposing the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circuses' cruelty to animals.





Despite not being malicious creatures, many dogs, cats, and birds are crippled and killed in jaw traps every year like this blue bird.






Workers sometimes force pipes down snakes' mouths an pump them full of water while they are still alive to loosen the skin. Often times, snake skin is used for fashion like snakeskin boots or bags.






After about six months growing in "farms" the chickens are cramped in transport trucks. They travel for miles without food or any protection from the weather. People who live near factory farms often report seeing dead animals on the side of the road.





In this picture, the factory worker perpares to slit chicken throats. Before the chickens' throats are cut, it is custom to run them through an electrically charged water bath while still conscious. If these factories had glass walls, we would all be vegetarians.





In nature, female cows produce just enough milk to nourish their young with. However, on these cruel cow farms, they are fed hormones that force them to produce up to ten times more milk. In the picture above, the mother cow is hooked up to a machine that painfully squeezes out milk.





In India where much of the world's leather comes from, animals are usually so crammed in the transportation trucks that it is common for the animals to have broken bones or suffocate.