In the world of fashion, the cheapest way to access soft fur is through fur farms. Fur farms are special farms where animals are raised specifically for their fur. The Donna Karan Bunny Butcher Campaign shows this downside of using fur for clothes.

On 2008, December 4, PETA members wore grim reaper costumes with the signs “Donna: Dump Fur” strung around their necks. On December 22, Karan announced that her fall 2009 lines would be fur-free.

Despite being promised fur-free clothes, PETA advocates rallied at another convention where Karan was in attendance. Crouching in a “rabbit pose” (heads tucked against knees, crouched, arms straight and hands clasped around ankles), the protestors splashed fake blood on themselves, refusing to move.

Donna Karan kept her promise. On the fall of 2009 there wasn’t a strand of fur on her clothes.

We all know what McDonald’s is! Chances are, we’ve all eaten there at least once, too. But what most of us don’t know is this: chickens used in McDonald’s products are forcibly dunked in an electrically-charged tub of water. But that’s not where the cruelty ends; their throats are slit while they are still conscious.

In response to this outrageous method of slaughter, PETA protestors sued McDonald’s. PETA had turned a blind eye to their methods for nine years prior, patiently trying to get McDonald’s attention; obviously, this peaceful route was not effective against McDonald’s.

The current status of the lawsuit is trapped in limbo.

A chain store dedicated to the improvement of animal health would undoubtedly use responsible, humane vendors. However, that’s not always the case: take PetSmart as an example.

The PetSmart Cruelty Campaign is probably the most surprising out of all of PETA’s campaigns. A large pet store chain should know how to take care of animals, right? Not true. One of PetSmart’s largest vendors, Rainbow World Exotics, was exposed to have been using laypersons, or people who do not have specialized or professional knowledge of a subject. These laypersons were caught throwing live animals into the trash and even killing animals intentionally. PETA took decisive action by filing charges against Rainbow World Exotics.