Rod Coronado doing a demonstration.

Coronado's Timeline

July 3, 1966 – Born in San Jose, California

1985 – Joined the Sea Shepherd at age 19

1985- Threated a police officer while working under the Sea Shepherd. Rod Coronado was arrested in Scandinavia.

November 7, 1986 – Infiltrated a whaling station in Reykjavik, Iceland.

1987-1990 – Allegedly worked under PETA.

1992 - Lived underground for three years until discovered by authorities from Michigan State University

1991 – Acted as a media spokesperson for the Animal Liberation Front, while committing “Operation: Bite Back”

February 28, 1992 – Rod Coronado was charged for the arson of the Michigan State University research facility. $1,200,000 substantial damage.

September 27, 1994 – Became arrested by officials on the Pascua Yaqui Reservation near Tucson, Arizona

1995 – While in jail, Rod Coronado retracted his statement of being “An open opponent of the ALF.”

1999 – Rod Coronado publishes an article relating the Federal Government targeting the Animal Liberation Front. “Feds Escalate Hunt for ALF.”

November 30, 2002 – Announced some of his arson attacks were on behalf of “Operation Bite Back.”

2003 – Closed a statement saying, “You know, those people - I think they should appreciate that we're only targeting their property. Because frankly I think it's time to start targeting them."

March 24, 2004 – Arrested for involvement in an Earth First! campaign for mountain lions. He conspired to injure an U.S. Forest Service officer . He was sentenced to 8 months in prison.

2005 – Held an interview with 60 Minutes

December 13, 2005 – He was found guilty with co-defendant Matthew Crozier for a fellow conspiracy to injure a government official, and destruction of governmental property.

2006 – Went to jail for displaying public acts of ALF's actions. He was trialed against an unfair Federal Agent.

April 8, 2006 – Sentenced to federal jail for committing federal conspiracy.

March 27, 2008 – Sentenced to prison for 366 days for a previous speech in 2003. Known as the “Hillcrest Trial.”

December 25, 2008 - released from prison. in Oklahoma