Labor Zionism

      The Zionist Movement is the movement to establish a Jewish state. There are many types of Zionism, such as political Zionism and Labor Zionism. Labor Zionism can be considered a left wing party of the Zionist Movement. It has its roots in Eastern and Central Europe, where it developed in countries with a number of significant Jewish labor movements. Labor Zionists believed that in order to establish a Jewish state, the Jewish working class in Palestine needed to create a progressive society with Kibbtzim, moshavim, and an urban Jewish poleriat. Political Zionism, on the other hand, called for the help of international powers of the time, such as Britain, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire, to help establish a Jewish state. Labor Zionism soon began to grow moer popular than political Zionism and it attracted Jewish life at a whole. Labor Zionists influenced the Histadrut and were key players in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and the Israeli military.

      Golda Meir is one of the most well known Zionist activists. During her stay in Milwaukee, she became a member of Young Poale Zion, the Labor Zionist youth movement. Here she became well versed in Socialist Zionsim through public meetings and meetings with Palestinian visitors. After marrying, she had decided to move to Palestine, but because of World War I, this was postponed. Instead she traveled across the U.S., spreading her ideals of Poale Zion through open debates and she held a fundraiser. She even went through an abortion because she believed that Zionism at the time was the most important thing. Eventually, Meir and her husband want to Palestine and joined a Kibbutz.

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