Women's Rights

Despite not being a direct advocate for Women's Rights, what Golda Meir has done in her life has been living proof that women are capable of a position as high as Prime Minister.

Golda Meir was born in Kiev, a small, poor, and rural town in the Ukraine. There, she faced the fear of pogroms and anti-semitism. She grew up, developing her public speaking from debates that her sister had regarding political philosophies. After moving to the US with very knowledge of very little english, she was educated and became class valedictorian. Moving back to Palestine, she worked hard and joined a Kibbutz, sparking her political life when she became a spokesmen for the Kibbutz.

Later, after being sent back to the United States, Golda Meir was tasked to gather donations from the American people. Cynics doubted her ability to even get 7 - 8 million, but Golda Meir defeated those who doubt her, and raised over 50 million. It is Golda alone who had the ability to defeat all odds and raise the funds necessary to lay the foundations of the state of Israel.

Golda's legacy as an independent women who began life from a humble poor background and worked her way up to prime minister is an example that advocated sex equality. In her life, she was confronted with peer pressure from her friends, family, and country. She was threatened with death and lived under constant fear of death. She has experienced and seen things that we can never imagine in our lifetimes. Yet, she strived and became a leader of Israel, and her contribution to the world as a peace negotiator will live on.

Women's Rights


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