Establishing Israel


The nation of Israel was established as a homeland for Jews on May 14, 1948.  The idea of a Jewish nation was envisioned by Zionists even during the 19th century.  The 20th century consisted on Hitler coming to power and turning public opinion on Jews, blaming them for the majority or almost all of the problems, especially economic ones.  With Hitler’s oppressive regime still running, many Jews immigrated to Palestine, raising the Jewish population by 30% by the end of the Second World War.  With the influx of immigrants, much complex arose between the Arab and Jewish people, so in 1947, the newly made United Nations approved a plan for the makings of two separate Jewish and Arab states.  On the day of the signing of the Israeli Declaration of Independence, Golda Meir was one of the signers.  Meir was an important part to the founding of the nation; she got support from the US financially. A day after the nation of Israel was established it was attacked resulting in the making of boundaries.  In 1948 Golda Meir was placed into the position of Israel’s Ambassador to the Soviet Union, another nation that supported the founding of Israel.  In 1949 Israel was accepted as a nation in the United Nations.

Throughout the young nation’s history Golda Meir gathered much support from others and much financial backing working as foreign ministers and ambassadors, helping to put Israel on the map further developing it.

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Establishing Israel

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