Israel Ministerial Career

On May 14, 1948, the nation of Israel was established signed through by 24 people, Golda Meir being one of them.  Meir was heavily involved in relations with newer African nations relating them to her own experiences in trying to develop a country, offering help.  She was quoted comparing them “Like them, we had shaken off foreign rule; like them, we had to learn for ourselves how to reclaim the land, how to increase the yields of our crops, how to irrigate, how to raise poultry, how to live together, and how to defend ourselves.” One of her most controversial moves, especially because of her background and life, was trying to stop ailing and handicapped Polish Jews from entering Israel.  She left the office of foreign minister in the year of 1966, reasons cited as sickness most likely due to the previously diagnosed lymphoma cancer. 

From the years of 1956-1966 Golda Meir was Israel’s foreign minister.

On March 17th, 1969 at the age of 71 Golda Meir became Israel’s fourth prime minister, Israel’s first female prime minister and one of the first in the world.  As prime minister, Meir kept relations with the United States and tried for peace talks with Arabs.  In response to the Munich Olympics in which Israelis were killed, Meir felt that not enough action had been done so she sent the Mossad, relatable to the CIA in America, to hunt down the group responsible for the murders.  Her office as Prime Minister ended when she resigned in 1974.  Resignation may have been brought up by the fact that there was immense desire for new leadership after the chaos that was the Yom Kippur War and how Israel was so unprepared for it.

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Israel Ministerial Career

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