What's Been Done

Since the start of the project, many things have been done to combat the problem of contaminated water in Bbanda. One of the first attempts to solve the problem was the distribution of rain barrels. The funding for the barrels was provided by Friends of the Sick and Poor and decisions on who would get barrels, as well as the actual distribution, were made by Friends of the Poor. These barrels help the poorest families, and the village’s elderly who can’t make the trip to a well or borehole to get their own water. Gutters were also provided, which help to divert water into the rain barrel. There have been two trips made, and two more are planned: one for May 2nd, 2010, and one in August 2010. The first trip, made by members of Friends of the Sick and Poor, was to meet the villagers and to establish a connection. During the second, made by a mixed group of Engineers Without Borders and Friends of the Sick and Poor, different ideas about how to begin distributing water were discussed with Friends of the Poor and Bbanda’s Local Council. All of the local water sources were surveyed for toxins and contaminants, and a map of the whole town was laid out using GPS.