Here are some events ACE has accomplished since it started in 2008...

June 2008

The Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) is born in Oakland, CA. It starts with just 5 interns under the direction of Mike Haas (Director of ACE Board) and Blakely Atherton (then Executive Director, now Director of Development). The interns begin working on a PowerPoint presentation about climate change to use in high schools.

July 2008

ACE is officially incorporated as a non-profit (501c3) August 2008 Deputy Director, Pic Walker (now Executive Director), comes on board and first two employees, Kara Muraki and Ashlee Jensen, are hired

September 2008

Alisha Fowler is hired as first educator and group continues to develop a PowerPoint version of the presentation.

November 2008

Matt Lappe and Reb Anderson, both with masters degrees in climate science, are hired as educators and ACE science experts.

February 12, 2009

Matt Lappe gives the first ACE presentation at Skyline High School in Oakland, CA !!

Spring 2009

Hiring continues in Oakland, CA until the staff is completed with the hire of Marketing Director, Matt Stewart.

Summer 2009

ACE works with Free Range Studios to produce a high tech version of the presentation The organization hires like crazy to bring on teams of three educators in Chicago, Houston, New England, and Los Angeles. ACE sets the goal of reaching 140,000 high school students through the presentation in the fall semester (27,000 of which will be in New England.)

Fall 2009

The new educator teams are completed and the educators go out into their regions presenting in full force. The nation-wide ACE team presents to 156,223 students in 869 presentations, far surpassing their goal of 140,000 students for the semester. (33,675 of these students and 168 presentations are in New England.)

Winter 2009

Hiring continues as ACE expands into D.C., Atlanta, Denver, Austin, and New York City

Spring 2010

ACE continues with a goal of reaching 300,000 students nation-wide in the spring semester. It is well on its way to reaching its goal of 2 million students nation-wide by the end of 2011.