The Alliance for Climate Education is famous for their interactive presentations that they show all over the United States, which is how they inspire so many teenagers and students to help save the world. The ACE staff travels from state to state where they visit local high schools to show their fun multimedia presentations. So far ACE has traveled in areas such as Northern California, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New England, and more to come. From 2008-2009 they have done over 150 presentations to many high schools; private or public with no maximum limit of students. All ACE strives to do is inspire the future of America to learn about the damages of climate change.

ACE rewards those who takes action in reducing greenhouse gasses and is willing to help out the cause, juniors or seniors that apply for the grant can get up to $2,500 scholarship. You have the chance to win if you are absolutely dedicated in raising climate awareness in schools and communities around them. The scholarship is only to get you going on helping the cause.

Schools can also win grants and can win up to $35,000 for their schools. It involves high school Action Teams (such as a recycling clubs, or Youth Climate Action Networks) who strongly want to change their school to a more environmentally friendly school. These Action Teams can also win smaller grants of $2,500 to $5,000. So if you know an Action Team or dedicated students who would like to raise climate awareness for schools in your community, remember to recommend the ACE organization.

Last December, ACE and Boston Latin School Youthcan teamed up to make a BLS Block Party. At the block party, schools from and around Boston came to see ACE’s presentation and how BLS YouthCAN students decided to do in order to fight back the global climate change. The block party was also to celebrate the trays that BLS students and families had bought to support YouthCAN’s project, the green roof. With the green roof project we may be able to have classes on the roof, which is amazing, and BLS students would also be able to plant vegetables to serve at lunch, which is also awesome. The day of the block party BLS volunteers in their YouthCAN shirt, they had a band playing with their instrument powered by a bike! How awesome is that? ACE’s current project is “Do One Thing”, YouthCAN accomplished many tasks.

At the block party, we had soy-dogs, and veggie burgers, BLS students collaborated with one of ACE’s presenter Rouwenna Lamm, and many people who went were able to be inspired to help the environment and enjoy discovering new things at the Block Party. BLS Block Party is an example of schools getting into action; in this case the school’s environmental club “YouthCAN” decided that it was time to step it up and bring the Boston Latin School community together to learn about what’s going on and of course take action.

We met up with two of the YouthCAN member and we discussed about the events and their experience when Youthcan and ACE collaborated together. The two YouthCAN members talked about how their grou two YouthCAN members talked about how their group. Boston Latin School has many times been represented by YouthCAN in environmental contests and grants and they’ve won many grants. We currently just won a $15,000 grand for the green roof. It’s amazing how YouthCAN was able to action making the green roof project possible. We’re just talking about Boston Latin School; imagine when ACE presents across the country/nation to spread the words about Global Climate.  


Students from 6 Boston area schools pose for a 350 photo at the Green Roof Block Party hosted by the Boston Latin School.


Boston Latin School Youth Climate Action Network just won $15,000 to help put a green roof for our school.