Straight for Equality

Straight for Equality was unveiled on October 11, 2007, National Coming Out Day. The purpose of this program is to allow straight "allies" the opportunity to show support for the GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender) community and the fight for equal rights and treatment. Putting politics aside, Straight for Equality "is about starting everyday conversations that can gradually change attitudes and broaden the understanding that GLBT right are everyone's concern."   Those with gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender family or friends may be the most interested in this cause, but Straight for Equality emphasizes that anyone can become an ally, so you don't need to have a personal connection to someone who is GLBT to get involved. The idea is also that marching in a parade or attending protests aren't always necessary to make a difference: sometimes it's the little things that can cause big changes.

This group, created by PFLAG, asks supporters to sign "The Straight for Equality Pledge":

The Straight for Equality Pledge

As a straight ally committed to supporting and advocating for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people, I will:

Come out.

I will acknowledge and work on any uncertainties I may have in "coming out" as a straight ally, and, as I grow in confidence, I'll increasingly let my family, friends, and colleagues know that I support equality for GLBT people.

Speak up.

Whenever I have an opportunity, I'll say something supportive of GLBT people, whether I'm responding to a homophobic joke or remark, commenting positively about a current event, or making the case for equality in a discussion.

Join in.

I will review the many recommended actions provided through Straight for Equality that will help me create change in big and small ways and incorporate those with which I am comfortable into my growth as a straight ally to help move equality forward.

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The Straight for Equality website offers resources and ideas of ways to get involved as a straight ally such as a glossary of terms to better understand what it means to be GLBT. Their list of "10 Things to do as an Ally" consists of proposals such as writings letters to a local paper explaining why you support GLBT rights and educating your children about all the different kinds of families out and keeping in mind the negatives GLBT messages they are exposed to on a daily basis. They also encourage you to educate yourself about the issues involved in the mission for equality.

Straight for Equality has created a guide to being a straight ally called " the incredibly detailed honest forthright fully comprehensive completely blunt shockingly simple wonderfully helpful and witty exposition on a topic that sometimes makes people blanch but really shouldn't because this compelling open and straight to the point (no pun intended) little publication will demystify the secret world of gay people and be your tried and trusted guide to being a straight ally." Click here to view it or you can purchase it from In this guide, they encourage you to take five major steps: stay informed about GLBT issues; speak up when someone makes a derogatory homophobic joke or comment; be honest about your support, don't be embarrassed about what you believe in; support equality everywhere you can: at home, at work, at church, or at school; and "come out" as a straight ally.