Interview with Laura Andersen, the Public Relations Manager for the CAI

"Education offers hope and improves the overall quality of life, especially when girls are educated." Laura Andersen


1. When did you become the Public Relations Manager for the CAI?

One year ago. I worked as the Database Manager for 1 1/2 years prior.

2. What are your responsibilities as the Public Relations Manager?

Reply to e-mail inquiries, process contributions, help with small fundraisers, trade shows with Pennies for Peace, phone inquiries.

3. What is your favorite part of your job?

Speaking with people about Central Asia Institutes mission and work. Hearing stories about our projects in Pakistan and Afghanistan from our staff who travel there. Helping people with their fundraisers.

4. How did you first become involved with the Central Asia Institute?

I was seeking part-time employment and there was an opening in the Bozeman office.

5. Has working for the CAI affected your life in any way?

I have learned the importance of listening, patience and respecting different cultures. That is what Greg learned as he built his first school. Working with a community as opposed to telling a community what you think is important is what has made Central Asia Institute successful in the villages where we have projects.

6. Have you ever been to Pakistan or Afghanistan to see the schools Greg Mortenson built? If so, what was it like?


7. In your own words, what is the message of the CAI (or mission)?

To promote education and literacy. Education offers hope and improves the overall quality of life, especially when girls are educated.

8. How often do you, as Public Relations Manager, speak and/or interact with Greg Mortenson?

I have weekly e-mail correspondence with Greg. He travels the majority of the time. When he is in Bozeman, he works from his home, so that he has more time with his family.

9. What is your (personal) biggest accomplishment at the CAI has been?

Speaking to groups of people about our mission. Seeing them get excited about education and the importance of education is very rewarding.