Young Civic Leaders (YCL)

Young Civic Leaders is an 11-month, multi-year apprenticeship program that provides a powerful, positive learning experience for youth from the Boston Public Schools. Students work in paid internships in a professional environment, learn job skills, and get academic support. Participants give back to their communities, working with schools across Greater Boston; teaching disadvantaged young people how to engage in civic life.

Young Civic Leaders focus on civic engagement through voter education, voter registration, Get-Out- The-Vote activities and trainings. In the office, they develop profressional skills by networking, grant writing, budget management, event planning and organizing. They are prepared to become the capable leaders of tomorrow and often are called on for press releases on T.V., newspaper, and/or radio. The YCL program is a part of BNY Mellon CityACCESS program, funded by The Bank of New York Mellonís Charitable Giving Program from Arthur F. Blanchard Trust. CityACCESS offers unique opportunities to high school students under this YCL program called Teen Ambassadors.

In 2008 the YCL program solidified and grew with eight youths this year gaining meaningful apprenticeships at MassVOTE learning critical skills that will help them later on in life.