Why is voting important?

From the time the Protestants escaped England, to the Revolutionary War, humans desired the most important human attribute that was stripped from them: freedom. Within each of us are the rights constituting to our freedom: the freedom of life, the freedom of mobility, and more importantly, the freedom of voice. America is built "by the people, for the people," making us different from any other country in the world. We are the leaders of freedom, paving standards to make the world a better place. By voting, we all are able to make these changes possible. Our government and our laws are dependent on the populous. Our place in the world is represented by the people we choose who will best represent us, expressing our ideas and our concerns. It is only if we vote that we are able to change some aspect of our society, and ultimately, have an impact on the world.

The common logic behind not voting is that one vote will not change an election, no one will know if you voted. If you do not want people to know what you do, there are better ways of being ignored. If everyone had this mentality, America would not exist. The founding principle of democracy demands freedom of choice. By not voting, you are robbing your country of a vote. By not voting, you are forfeiting your right to choose the people who will be elected to govern your community. It's as if you are letting other people decide what religion you believe in, what food you eat, where you go after work. When you vote, you do not vote only for you, but for your community. Make sure the right candidate wins.

Voting is choice. And not voting should not even be considered as one of the choices, because democracy has been earned from the hard work and dedication from our ancestors, and we owe our founding fathers more than apathy, we owe it to them, we owe it to our country and we owe it to ourselves to vote. Voting is the sword of democracy that protects our country from the dangers of dicatorship and injustice and it is a sword that is in our hands. We have a chance to make things right. What are you going to do with it?