"Get Out the Vote": Vision

Every great leader has a vision. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream that people would one day be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.. JFK asked us what we can do for our country. What is your vision?

Vision is more than rhetoric. It is a set of core values that is redefined by the experiences that each and every one of us learn from every day. Our vision is transformed by Rights. Respect. Responsibility. Our right to our beliefs, our respect for one another, and our responsibility to better our communities. A strong vision can be used to navigate through uncertainty. A true vision will compel an advocate to stay the course because the destination is clear. But what is this destination?

How can we change our society into the society where public policy is based on science and values rather than politics and business; where morality and character define a person, where leadership is intrinsically defined with truly human dimensions? When can we start focusing on our rights to the information and services that could save our lives and everything that we stand for? What do we stand for? When can we begin?

The answer is only NOW, if you are ready for this. Because being a leader representing your community takes more than just a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, being a leader means sacrificing your time and energy into inspiring- through your example- your peers to take action to be more than just another stereotypical disenfranchised youth. And it is important, it is so important to get involved in bettering society because our communities are falling apart. We are the future and with us we carry the burden of the hopes and dreams of our communities. Where would you take them?

What is your vision? Are you ready to take us there?