For Youth CAN:

•  Right now Youth CAN is planning their third annual global climate change summit at MIT on Saturday, May, 9, 2009. This is free for all, in which people can learn about global warming and the world's climate. The summit provides exciting guest speakers, a variety of workshops, entertainment, door prizes, and a free breakfast and lunch. One of the door prizes, people might win are bikes, iPods, gift cards/certificates and many more. It starts at 9:00 am and ends at 4:30pm. To find out more go to:

•  Youth CAN also held a Mayor's Press Conference, in which the guest speaker was Al Gore, who also came to Boston Latin School. Al Gore is also interested in the global climate change and recognized Boston for its efforts to become a greener city, as well as BLS Youth CAN for taking such an active role on climate change

•  Youth Can is also trying to work on a recycling program for Boston Latin School:

1. They are working on a foam tray recycling program and by meeting with faculty      who work in lunches and cafeteria and remind students to recycle.

2. Students also work a can and bottle recycling program at BLS, including they will receive community service credit.

3. Students are also working on writing a grant for the funding to pay the cost of the dumpster.

4. Also they established room 025 as a battery, printer cartridge, and cell phone recycling drop-off room in the school.

5. They are also looking into a recycling competition that Youth Can could participate and win prize money.

5. Recycling group members are also looking into a recycling competition that Youth CAN could participate in for prize money that would help pay for Youth CAN's annual summit.


Arluah and David(students of Ms.Arnold)

In Class:

•  Ms. Arnold in class held a mock trial, in which the students had got help from law students and during the trial a real lawyer was the judge.

•  She had also held an architecture competition in which the students remodeled Boston's City Hall or the Johnson building (part of the McKim's section of the Boston Public Library).

•  Students like that Ms. Arnold is funny, stands up for her rights and the way she teaches her lessons is not in a boring lecture, but they are   fun; full of jokes and actions. She makes students act out as the British or the colonists; ask them how the student feels as that person would answer it. She, herself also acts out emotions in which grabs the students' attention. These lessons not only captivate the students but helps information to flow in.