I won't say it was the Woman's Social and Political Union; that was Mrs. Pankhurst's. But she was a fervent member of some suffrage society. They were having a great procession through the streets of London, otherwise I might never have known about it. So I signed up to walk in this big procession, as it turned out. From all over England people came for this procession, and probably you will find a lot about it in Sylvia Pankhurst's book. Enormous procession. I guess I would never have gone if this hadn't happened, to suddenly meet this lady who knew all about it and made the arrangements so I could go.

Well, I was put in a section anyway, and marched in that section—and we marched down to Hyde Park where it was to end. And my particular section was the section that was led by Lady Pethick-Lawrence; she was then Mrs. Pethick-Lawrence.

Oh, that's where you met her?

Well, I didn't meet her. I was just one of many marchers, and she was the very great figure. And when we got there, here were these great—platforms (I don't know what they were [called]; I don't know how they put them up, the great platforms from which they were speaking. She was the principal speaker at this place. I was standing there right at her feet. Just by chance. I didn't know where I was going. I just walked where I was sent. And it was right down to this platform—we were all sent down to this platform, surrounding this particular platform. The other people were surrounding another platform, just by chance I had her platform. And I was thrilled beyond words by this marvelous speech." ---- from an interview between
Alice Paul and Amelia R. Fry.

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Iron Jawed Angels

Iron Jawed Angels recounts the struggle of women suffragists who fought for the 19th Amendment. Alice Paul (Hilary Swank) and Lucy Burns (Frances O'Connor) are the two women that are focused on. The movie shows how these activists strive with protests and strikes to get women's rights to vote. It is not easy for them and they have to battle public opinion and even powerful men of America ,such as President Woodrow Wilson (Bob Gunton). They go on hunger strikes, and because of their resistence they get the nickname "The Iron Jawed Angels".

"However, it is truly their wills that are made of iron, and their courage inspires a nation and changes it forever."-HBO


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Alice Paul's home in Paulsdale


Alice Paul at her college graduation in 1913