From Inventor of the Week of MIT, a college famous for the greatest inventors, to becoming the 16th most influential person on a global scale, William Haseltine has won the hearts of scientists and business persons alike. He is a perfect solution of business and science, passion and practicality. He had a vision of a better tomorrow, world where the best treatments could be made from our own DNA and, unlike many with the same dreams, he made his a reality. He pioneered state-of-the-art technology that will save millions of lives. William Haseltine is a scientist, his is a businessman, but above all he is an able and driven member of our world wide community. His inventions, his ideas, his dreams have affected millions and will affect even more. Overview.

William Haseltine
"Human Genome Sciences, founded by William Haseltine is one of the first biotechnology companies to use cutting-edge genomics technologies to develop treatment. "
-Business Week