As their programs provide expensive medical treatment for free, Partners In Health depends on donors for funding in order to provide the best care possible. For a very long time, Thomas J White (one of the original Partners) provided most of the funding but in the late 90s, the cost of all the clinics across the world went beyond his funds. Now there are countless donors, great and small, who have helped PIH in the fight against healthcare injustice.

Paul Farmer and Bill Clinton.

PIH has also received funding from many different sources, from everyday people, to the World Health Organization, various anti-AIDS groups, PepsiCo, Microsoft, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.. There are literally thousands of donors who make healing the needy of the world possible, and a full list can be found in a copy of PIH’s Annual Report.

Recently, Partners In Health began collaboration with the Rwandan government and the Clintons to expand their community healthcare model to include the entire nation of Rwanda.

You can also donate by following the link below. Any amount helps; for example, as little as $100 can protect 30 families from malaria by simply providing bug netting.