Name: Gary Myers

Physician: Surgeon

Location of Residence: Seattle, Washington

Location Abroad: Eldoret, in western Kenya

Mission: To work in the surgical department of Eldoret Hospital


Dr. Gary Myers is an American surgeon who will be working at the Eldoret Hospital in order to support victims of the intense violence throughout western Kenya. Though he is a surgeon, he has found himself working in a variety of positions with the MSF. Oftentimes, he works eighteen hour days in order to keep up with the number of injured patients in the hospital.


The severity of injuries caused by violence is worse than anything Myers has ever seen as a surgeon in America. Working at the Eldoret Hospital, he has had at least three patients with severe machete wounds, and many more with fractures caused by knife wounds. He describes Eldoret Hopsital as "very sophisticated." Within the hospital, there are 600 beds, 4 operating theatres, 7 surgeons, and a large, experienced staff.

Nevertheless, the recent violence have still overwhelmed them. Most doctors at the hospital, such as Myers, are working overtime also every single day. Because of blockades, many of the nurses who live outside the city can't even get home after work.


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