Name: Sylvaine Blanty

Physician: General Practitioner

Location Abroad: Aguie, Niger

Mission: To feed severely malnourished children


Dr. Sylvaine Blanty is a general practitioner who has been working at the MSF therapeutic feeding center in Aguie, Niger, helping to feed severely malnourished children. She has went on one mission before that, in the Congos, and is now working full time with Doctors Without Borders.


At Aguie, Blanty works with many children who are in serious condition. She treats children in the intensive care unit who suffer from dehydration, anemia, and breathing problems (caused by respiratory infection).

Thanks to the feeding programs and health centers already in place, children are able to go home as soon as they recover. When they arrive home, the health centers at their respective villages monitor their condition, and make sure that they do not relapse.

Blanty has been highly successful so far. 9 out of 10 children meet their weight gain goals. However, Blanty has also encountered some patients who could not be saved. When she gave the news to mothers of these patients, it was their calm and silent reactions which were the most poignant and devastating.


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